Warm Nordic keeps the spirit of Hans Olsen alive

The brand is releasing a range of classic designs by the architect

June 2018
Warm Nordic has launched its latest design by Hans Olsen – the Fried Egg chair. Originally designed by Olsen in 1956, the chair features an asymmetric backrest with a circular seat – giving it an egg-like resemblance.
One side of the sat features a flattened armrest, inviting you to swing your legs over and recline across the chair.
"The Fried Egg chair stands out with its playful idiom, which in its very own way captures the zeitgeist of the 1950s when experiments, bravery and skill resulted in world-class furniture," said the brand. "Hans Olsen had an exceptional awareness of line, surface and colour. In his designs, he was not afraid to combine classic values with humour, and Fried Egg aroused well-deserved attention when it was presented at the Cabinetmakers’ Guild Furniture Exhibition in Copenhagen in 1956."
Hans Olsen
In keeping with its 1950s origins, Warm Nordic has chosen to produce the chair in teak wood. Colours are offered in two-tone combinations, to further play on the fried egg aesthetic.
Fabrics are provided by fellow Danish brand Kvadrat, in shades developed specifically for Warm Nordic.
Warm Nordic presented the Fried Egg chair, amongst other designs, during this year's 3daysofdesign which took place in May, and was one of DAMNº's highlights from the festival. Read our full report here >