photo © Jean-François D’Or / Maison Vervloet

Welcome Home / Weaving of Clouds

Jean-François D’Or and Maison Vervloet

March 2017
Jean-François D’Or has been collaborating with Maison Vervloet for six years, drawing on its century-old skills as a maker of high-end hardware.
The development is an intricate process of prototyping, step-by-step, choice by choice, decision by decision. As D’Or says, "in this project God really is in the detail" and this approach is echoed by Maison Vervloet, which despite its experience always looks to each new project as a challenge.
Door handles, door bell and umbrella support - all three objects are prototypes that feature mirror-finished brass hand-polished by the artisans of Maison Vervloet’s workshop.
Welcome Home / Weaving of Clouds will be on view at ‘Belgitude’, an exhibition by Belgium is Design at Palazzo Litta during the Milan Design Week 4-9 April, curated by DAMNº.