SKY MIRROR—Monica Forster

SKY Mirror are a new mirrors set, modernist art sculptures and functional objects , hand-carved in solid wood. Although their uniqueness and refinement are obvious at first sight, there is […]


With Kida, Stephen Burks has designed a hanging lounge chair that features a cradle-like organic form that’s open, airy, light and inviting. It is the first collection to be wrapped […]


The system designed in 1970 by Mario Bellini makes its comeback 50 years later, speaking  a contemporary language of structural solutions and sustainable choices. The fundamental characteristic of Camaleonda is […]


O24 is a free-standing marble sink made from 24 segments of marble glued together by resin in a contrasting colour. 024 is designed along environmental sustainability lines and uses recycled […]


Tajimi Custom Tiles, the new brand based in Tajimi, the historic center of the Japanese tile industry, creates custom-tailored tiles catering to architects and designers globally. On the occasion of […]


In a time when cleanliness and hygiene are topical conversation, Ren is an exploration into the modern cleansing ritual. An exploration and re-imagining that begins with an act that we […]

Astep presents Pepa

Pepa Astep is proud to announce an especially friendly and novel product named Pepa, designed by Francesco Faccin. With a strong body of solid wood and powered by a technological […]

Studio Joris Poggioli

Joris Poggioli introduces its new collection ‘Enamorados’ For his new collection, entitled Enamorados, Joris Poggioli pursues his ambition to place humans at the centre of his creative process, by creating […]

Ateliers J&J and Jean-Paul Lespagnard

Brussels, September 2020 – During the latest edition of Brussels Design September, which marks the return of the creative world, Ateliers J&J presented new and original pieces as part of […]

Roll Chair — Sancal

ROLL by MUT, 2020 Industrial “trompe l’oeil” What does Roll suggest you? Do you know what it’s for? Perhaps Roll chair’s complex simplicity may mislead you at first, as well […]

Bee Home — Space10

SPACE10 open-sources bee homes IKEA’s research and design lab SPACE10 has teamed up with Bakken & Bæck and designer Tanita Klein to launch an open source Bee Home. Bees are […]

Igman Mini — Zanat

ZANAT, Bosnian brand specialized in the production of wooden furnishing components and in carving art (declared UNESCO Heritage), presents IGMAN Mini by Harri Koskinen. The latest creation for the Igman […]

Ovo Chair — Erik Jørgensen

Ovo A huge sheet of fresh egg pasta draped over an extra-large wooden rolling pin started the design process for the brand new Ovo chair designed by British designer Damian […]

Bisel — Glas Italia

Collection of high tables, low tables and consoles, made in multi-layered and multichromatic glass, created by laminating five slabs of 5mm extralight glass each with a different coloured film. The […]

Helia — Kvadrat and Raf Simons

Since the first collaboration in 2014, Kvadrat/Raf Simons have explored the very limits of upholstery fabrics by combining Raf Simons’ singular visual aesthetic with Kvadrat’s unparalleled technical know-how. Simons’ vision […]