Triangle & Round

Metalfire is proud to present two brand new designs to their range of interior finishes for the premium fireplace. After the success of the ‘Original’ vertical ribbed cast iron slats, […]

Lady Galala

Lady Galala is a suspension lamp composed of an internal body that combines three different conical-shaped diffusers of different diameters and colour shades, reminiscent of the sun and the sea. […]


Lambert & Fils presents Paravent at Fictions, an immersive virtual experience presented by Canadian Creators Collective and curated by Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte. Taking part as both organizers and participants of the […]

Nui Mini | Emotions of light in&out

Initially developed as an extension of the Nui family, Nui Mini translates its design inspiration in a rechargeable and portable table version, thus becoming a product with its own identity, […]

Hortensia Armchair

From its first stages as a rendering to the design as it is now, the origin and evolution of the Hortensia Armchair was based on a dream. A dream where […]

Oilcloth Green

Patinaed copper roofs and the white-green leaves of the willow tree were the inspiration when Massproductions expanded its outdoor furniture range in a new light green shade. Now the popular […]

Tubes ‘senza fine’

Tubes presents three new products that in a different yet similar way represent the concept of the ‘senza fine’ design, objects that don’t stop at their first version but are […]

The Cassina Perspective 2021

The home. Our refuge, a place of self-expression devoted to our daily private lives and, at the same time, from where we connect to the outside world, whether real or […]

P.O.V. collection

An organically shaped table base and a modular design. TON introduces the new P.O.V. collection. TON has started to collaborate with the German design duo kaschkasch, with which it shares […]

Dan Outdoor & Maggiolina

Dan Outdoor chair with and without armrests design Patrick Norguet, 2021. “Dan is more than a chair, it is an evolving seating concept.”— Patrick Norguet. The chair with/without arms designed […]


HOOK is an innovative tap system by CEADESIGN, made of AISI 316L stainless steel, expression of modularity and functionality. Inspired by the old water taps that ran outside the walls, […]

Kartell by Laufen

There was a time when bathroom furnishings were not very imaginative. The only variables were perhaps in the bathtub and the shower, and with or without a bidet. Today, the […]


COOLS | Contemporary Objects of Love is a new Berlin-based brand that has launched its first collection CAPRI during the Design Week 2020 at Rossana Orlandi and has recently been […]

Diabla Spring

This year Diabla takes a trip to extraordinary places and unusual landscapes, some real and some imaginary. Dreaming for a moment about the possibility of being there, marveling at their […]

UNITY side table / stool

The artistic idea behind UNITY design was to portray inseparable links that connect humanity as a whole, a notion made clear to us throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Monica Förster, has […]