SHAPE-UP - DAMN° Magazine


The four lights can be arranged at different heights and clustered any which way (within corded reason), resulting in a jumble of shapes with simple lines; glowing jewellery for the […]

From: Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

RANGE - DAMN° Magazine


Exhibiting at the ICFF fair for the first time, the Range Bench adopts the same structure and rounded details as the Range Table; while providing a wide, stable seating area […]

From: Fort Standard


An occasional bookshelf designed for books in current use, rather than in long term storage. It's based on a traditional bricklayer's carrying hod used to transport heavy bricks around a […]

A Light in the Darkness

Gadgets and Giving The multidivisional operations of Philips means that hardly a day that goes by without some kind of news coming from the company’s global remit. Philips Design is one part […]