Barknest by Alessi

This basket is an object that, both in name and form, resembles a cosy nest with rounded walls for safeguarding precious contents. Designed by Michel Boucquillon and Donia Maaoui, the […]


Extra Ordinary Metal by Alessi

Established in 1921, the definition of Alessi was precisely as a “workshop for the processing of brass and nickel silver sheet metal, with a foundry”.


Guido Venturini, Philippe Starck, David Chipperfield, Mario Trimarchi, Marta Sansoni, Marcel Wanders, Miriam Mirri, Antonio Aricò, and Massimo Giacon are among the names that have contributed to Alessi’s Fall/Winter 2016 […]


Attentive observers of reality and subverters of the functions of everyday objects, Gabriele Chiave and Lor- enza Bozzoli offer a cowbell for grating cheese. Cheese please is a grater whose […]

From: Alberto Alessi