Baldon Lamp by Douman Pour

The Baldon lamp is a linear design lighting object made of brass, handcrafted in Germany, on view at Baldon in Berlin. It provides a directed, adaptable downward wide-angle light, perfectly […]

Black Stracciatella by My Kilos

Berlin based design studio My Kilos has reintroduced black polyethylene as a design material in its newest collection called ‘Black Stracciatella’, and describes it as “white snowflakes in the moonshine […]




Remixing the City - DAMN° Magazine

Remixing the City

MakeCity in Berlin: a new social contract

Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama - DAMN° Magazine

Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama

at WNTRP, Berlin, until 17 June 2017

Countering the Classic - DAMN° Magazine

Countering the Classic

Cheeky David Claerbout

Chiharu Shiota: Uncertain Journey - DAMN° Magazine

Chiharu Shiota: Uncertain Journey

Blain|Southern, Berlin, until 12 November 2016.

Past Into Present - DAMN° Magazine

Past Into Present

Friederike von Rauch unfurls the silence

James Turrell - DAMN° Magazine

James Turrell

Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof cemetery, Berlin.

Fights + Fictions - DAMN° Magazine

Fights + Fictions

Reckoning with the public space

designed by Enzo Mari, made by refugees - DAMN° Magazine

designed by Enzo Mari, made by refugees

Cucula transforming catastrophe into constructive future, in Berlin.

Good Penmanship: Etienne Descloux - DAMN° Magazine

Good Penmanship: Etienne Descloux

Why this Berlin-based Swiss architect still draws everything by hand - and yet is one of the most modern practitioners of his time.

Black Stracciatella, My Kilos’ latest collection - DAMN° Magazine

Black Stracciatella, My Kilos’ latest collection

about polyethylene as a (re)design material

Big in Berlin - DAMN° Magazine

Big in Berlin

New headquarters BOCCI in Kantstrasse 79