Eternal by Silestone

Eternal, in a new range of colours that pays homage to exotic marbles

Madera Meets Dekton by Daniel Germani

During Milan Design Week, Cosentino presented a project resulting from a collaboration with Riva1920, a company specialised in the production of solid wood furniture.

Dektonclay by Apparatu

After three years of collaboration between Cosentino and ceramic atelier Apparatu, led by Xavier Mañosa, came the presentation of Dektonclay during the Fuorisalone in Milan, displaying the unpredictable potential of […]

Table Noir by Benjamin Folkmann Hansen

Born as a tailor-made cutlery collection for top restaurants, Table Noir is a project developed by Benjamin Folkmann Hansen.

architecten de vylder vinck taillieu at Matera, Italy

“Matera does not want to be different. And should not be different. Strong yet fragile."

Fragments of Life by Danese

The DNA of Danese carries a legacy that contains intellect, freedom, and an exploration of daily life.

Mineral Gravity by COMPAC

Designer and artist Arik Levy presents Mineral Gravity by COMPAC, a Spanish luxury surfaces company, as a part of the Design Frontiers exhibition during London Design Festival 2017 (18-24 September). […]

Le Perle Collection by Antonio Aricò

Le Perle is a tea set in which the iconic symbol of the pearl becomes a module that is reproduced at different scales

kona-shoyu by nendo

nendo recently designed the kona-shoyu container for Shimogamo-saryo, a renowned restaurant in Kyoto.

Sixteen glasses by KnIndustrie and Kitchen Milano

KNINDUSTRIE will present a new collection of 16 experimental cocktail glasses, an opportunity to enjoy the art of mixology combining a drink dedicated to different dishes from the first to the dessert.

Fiskars Scissors by Olof Bäckström

A kitchenware classic, Fiskars’ orange-handled Scissors, designed by Olof Bäckström, have been an essential tool for everyday tasks and creative processes since 1967.


Matarèl by Matteo Ragni

Matarèl is a rolling pin in pyrex, designed by Matteo Ragni and created for a special food-design event presented during Milan Design Week.

Experimental Gastronomy by Steinbeisser

Steinbeisser has invited top chefs to make a plant-based tasting menu to be served on unique tableware made by 25 artists and designers.

Tavola Arcaica by Fabio Molinas

These caveman utensils invite people to bond with their food and domestic objects.

Tulèr by Tipic and Offmat

The Tulèr is the first kitchen top that can cook, weigh and wash, as well as charging your phone.