Iwatemo Project by Monolabon

Monolabon deals with overseas operations in relation to the production of Iwate craft work. The pieces in the iwatemo project are the result of a close collaboration of local craftsmen […]

Celebrating Craftsmanship - DAMN° Magazine

Celebrating Craftsmanship

Artisans from all over Europe are brought together in Venice to show their unique skills

Crafting a New Profession - DAMN° Magazine

Crafting a New Profession

A Manifesto by Stefano Micelli

Failing Forward - DAMN° Magazine

Failing Forward

Recovering addicts experience the transformative power of personal narratives and creative mistakes with the help of designer Yinka Ilori.

Everything is Connected - DAMN° Magazine

Everything is Connected

A portrait of Norwegian Craft and Design Culture showing at Milan Design Week 2017

Losing the Compass - DAMN° Magazine

Losing the Compass

Textiles and weaving, with a twist

ALL OF THE ABOVE: Making the most of scrap aluminium - DAMN° Magazine

ALL OF THE ABOVE: Making the most of scrap aluminium

last week of the exhibition at The Future Perfect, New York and San Francisco, USA, until 16th of January 2016.

Korea Now! - DAMN° Magazine

Korea Now!

Exhibition, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France. Until 3 January 2015.