HAY has introduced the Spring 2021 Accessories Collection, which includes an array of everyday items for the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, as well as an original selection of products that […]

Matin by Inga Sempé for HAY

French designer Inga Sempé seems to have a thing about creating contemporary lamps that look like there are wearing hats straight out 1950’s movies. The Matin table lamp for Hay […]

Soft Edge - DAMN° Magazine

Soft Edge

Soft Edge chair series is based on the next step in the development of moulded plywood techniques. It enables a three-dimensionality that is unusual for ordinary moulded plywood. With Soft […]

HAY: Soft Edge

Soft Edge, the chair series de- signed by Iskos-Berlin for Hay in 2015, represents the next step in the development of the moulded plywood technique. Using regular veneers, it provides […]

Interior design moves out - DAMN° Magazine

Interior design moves out

An Extension of the Salon