USM Haller system

This year, USM integrated light into its signature USM Haller system, adding even the possibility for USB power supplies.

David Einsiedler

The historical Midgard lamp brand, relaunched at the beginning of 2017, was originally founded by engineer Curt Fischer in 1919 in Thuringia (Germany). Today, Fischer is regarded as the inventor […]

Oki Sato

Japanese designer Nendo created two new lights for Flos, Sawaru and Gaku. The first fixture consists of two independent cylinders touching each other at right angles. One plays the role […]

Stine Gam & Enrico Fratesi

Louis Poulsen collaborated with GamFratesi for Euroluce 2017. Founded in 1874, the Danish lighting manufacturer commissioned this Danish duo to capture the company spirit in a special stand design and […]

Marble Matters

Marble Matters was an exhibition curated by Bloc studios at Martina Gamboni headquarters during Milan Design Week. A project at the intersection of design, craftsmanship, and sensorial perception, it revealed […]

Antonio Barbone & Laurence Bolhaar

Delta Light has introduced a new product, designed in collaboration with architecture practice OMA. XY 180 is a three-piece collection of lighting products born from a fascination with point, line, […]

Marc Sadler

The term ‘collection’ might sound reductive when applied to Raqam, the new light fixture designed by Marc Sadler for Masiero, a revitalised family firm first formed in 1981. The name […]

Restart Milano

Restart has launched a limited edition lamp, Alla & Victoire, in table and floor versions, designed by Maurizio Navone.


Polesano by Dean Skira is a very new concept in lighting instruments designed specifically for an urban setting, whereby the designer has the flexibility to create his/her own set of […]


The Metissage collection by Favaretto & Partners for Torremato expresses a melting pot of cultures, tastes, and interactions. By way of industrial details and finishes, including a digitally-printed glass lampshade, […]

Patrik Fredrikson & Ian Stallard

In creating the the Glaciarium collection, the designers were inspired by watching Swarovski’s complex crystal production techniques and the behaviour of the material in its raw state. The series of […]


The lightweight, easy-to-handle, battery-powered Gravity CL (1) is suspended from a thin wire. And as the wire does not conduct electricity, it can be installed anywhere on the ceiling. The […]

Light Book

Light Book, designed by Pascale De Backer for Climar Lighting, is intended as an atmospheric lamp and a reading lamp. It can be opened and closed like a real book […]

Davide Groppi

At Euroluce, Davide Groppi introduced new lamp projects inspired by Scandinavian functionalism. Weightlessness, emotion, and inventiveness; a search for high-quality living as applied to daily life. “Uniting shape and functionality, […]

Luca Nichetto

Back in 1999, Luca Nichetto began his professional career with Murano-based glassmaker Salviati, later becoming a product designer and consultant, and founding his eponymous practices in Venice and Stockholm. During […]