Limited Edition

Rik Wouters & The Private Utopia is a project carried out in Antwerp, initiated jointly by the MoMu (Fashion Museum) and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts to commemorate Rik […]

Spotted at Biennale Interieur: Limited Edition & Dirk Van Saene

Family-owned Moeskroen-based company Limited Edition’s eye-catcher at Biennale Interieur is a unique rug designed by Dirk Van Saene, developed in collaboration with the MoMu Fashion Museum in Antwerp. The acclaimed Belgian fashion […]

Poul Kjærholm – Limited Edition - DAMN° Magazine

Poul Kjærholm – Limited Edition

Two of modernism’s iconic pieces of furniture – the PK22™ lounge chair and the PK61™ coffee table by Poul Kjærholm – will celebrate their 60th anniversary this year. These modern […]

Katia De Witte

Belgian high-end carpet brand Limited Edition was one of the first in recent years to introduce patchwork leather rugs to the market. The Cubic is a new version that unites […]