Crinkle by Samuel Wilkinson

Crinkle was launched at designjunction during the London Design Festival in 2017. It is a series of new linear LED lamps with an irregular crinkled surface

Couple, Bundle and Keep by Nolii

Benjamin Hubert debuted with Nolii, a new lifestyle-led tech brand, during the last London Design Festival.

Mineral Gravity by COMPAC

Designer and artist Arik Levy presents Mineral Gravity by COMPAC, a Spanish luxury surfaces company, as a part of the Design Frontiers exhibition during London Design Festival 2017 (18-24 September). […]

Cove kitchen

Cove kitchen by Zaha Hadid Architects

The mono-bloc Cove kitchen is the natural evolution of a freestanding unit, equipped with areas for cooking and washing up as well as a space for socialising.

Christopher Jenner

Yixing and Epicurean by Christopher Jenner

Fascinated by the richness of artisanal traditions around the world, Christopher Jenner is always looking into case histories for displaying new forms of food choreography and interaction.

Studio Makgill x H Furniture - DAMN° Magazine

Studio Makgill x H Furniture

Following a meeting of minds between Hamish Makgill and H Furniture founder Alejandro Villareal, the pair decided that Studio Makgill should work on creating a limited edition WW range. The […]

London Design Festival: A Brexit Consolation - DAMN° Magazine

London Design Festival: A Brexit Consolation

With the Brexit aura clouding the London design scene, how can the brainchild of Ben Evans, CBE, and Sir John Sorrell, bring comfort to the British with a hint of positivity?

Timber for Living - DAMN° Magazine

Timber for Living

AHEC and Waugh Thistleton come together to propose a solution to the city's ongoing housing crisis

London Calling - DAMN° Magazine

London Calling

As the city gears up for the 16th London Design Festival, we highlight the hotspots to visit

Failing Forward - DAMN° Magazine

Failing Forward

Recovering addicts experience the transformative power of personal narratives and creative mistakes with the help of designer Yinka Ilori.

Modernism’s In The Details - DAMN° Magazine

Modernism’s In The Details

Compelling archive of unusual modernist architecture customisations reveals untold histories of the iconic movement.

Still Motion - DAMN° Magazine

Still Motion


‘The Smile’: a new landmark installation - DAMN° Magazine

‘The Smile’: a new landmark installation

Alison Brooks Architects presents a cross-laminated tulipwood structure for the London Design Festival

Glints and Sparks - DAMN° Magazine

Glints and Sparks

Snapshots of the London Design Festival

Max Lamb’s timber furniture - DAMN° Magazine

Max Lamb’s timber furniture

My Grandfather’s Tree