Gastrodiplomacy - DAMN° Magazine


A Manifesto by Paola Antonelli and Erica Petrillo

The Fatal Blow - DAMN° Magazine

The Fatal Blow

A Manifesto by Emmanuel Babled

Food For All Manifesto - DAMN° Magazine

Food For All Manifesto

Six lessons learned by food entrepreneur and philanthropist Claus Meyer through numerous community initiatives from Noma to Bolivia.

The Light We Need - DAMN° Magazine

The Light We Need

A Manifesto by Piero Gandini

Beyond the New - DAMN° Magazine

Beyond the New

A search for ideals in Design

Nosing Around - DAMN° Magazine

Nosing Around

Sissel Tolaas makes sense of smell

A General Theory of Design - DAMN° Magazine

A General Theory of Design

A manifesto by Jerszy Seymour

Dusting the Cultural Carpet - DAMN° Magazine

Dusting the Cultural Carpet

Ed Annink’s Manifesto