HUS & DIMORA: Easy Life

Italian-Brazilian designer Leonardo Di Caprio and Norwegian designer Petter Leiros joint forces in Hus & Dimora.

KARAKTER + BODIL KJÆR: Another Nordic – Between Art and Design

Danish design brand Karakter specializes presents the work of designers who have already written the history of design to those who aspire to write the future.

NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti at Palazzo Litta

In the four decades of its history, NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti has investigated the concept of living, increasingly combined with exploration of new technologies. The relationship between interior and […]

The Aesthetics Of Eros Exhibition at Palazzo Litta

After the analyses of various anthropological themes exhibited in previous exhibitions at Palazzo Litta, like the aesthetics of misery, chaos, and death, this year the students of La Scuola di Piazza […]

An office landscape by Manerba at Palazzo Litta

Italian company Manerba has been working in the office furniture sector since 1969. In the courtyard of Palazzo Litta – under the portico – it invites us to take a rest in […]

Kind of OJ at Palazzo Litta

Kind of OJ, a Bruges-based art & design gallery-showroom-lab-guesthouse, presents Liquid Shape by Studio LoHo at Palazzo Litta: a special collection of clay baths that challenges our notion of the […]

De Castelli at Palazzo Litta

De Castelli shows the first motorcycle with copper bodywork, designed by Mario Trimarchi, at Palazzo Litta. Putting typical aerodynamic curves aside, the fairing (shell) that conceals the inner engineering is like a […]

Nude will unveil new collections at Palazzo Litta

At Palazzo Litta, Istanbul-based global design brand Nude will unveil new collections by established and emerging design talent, including a new never-seen-before work by one of its signature collaborators, Ron Arad. Collections […]

Emmanuel Babled at Palazzo Litta

A friend of Palazzo Litta, French designer Emmanuel Babled makes his fourth appearance at our event. In the Marquise Boudoir he presents two of his iconic models: the Quark table and the Digit lamp, the […]

Jan Kath presents the brand new Polonaise at Palazzo Litta

Jan Kath presents the brand new Polonaise, alongside his Erased Heritage and Artwork collections at Palazzo Litta. ‘The base for Polonaise is old Persian carpets that were produced for Polish royalty. The traditional Persian designs were […]

Le Sfere Di Gino Sarfatti Astep & Flos at Palazzo Litta

‘Palazzo Litta has quickly become a “must-see place” in the crowded Milano Fuorisalone scene. This beautiful Milanese palace is a fantastic location, each year filled by DAMN° and Mosca Partners […]

Sollos at Palazzo Litta

Good News From Brasil A space designed to convey calm and elegance. That’s the concept beyond the installation conceived by Jader Almeida, Sollos’ art director and main designer, for Palazzo […]

300 chairs designed by Samuli Naamanka for NAAMANKA at Palazzo Litta

Together. Rugs and Chairs Palazzo Litta sees the launch of the Clash 300 chairs designed by Samuli Naamanka for NAAMANKA. The Clash chair collection has found international success with its […]

Valli&Valli and AANT at Palazzo Litta

Valli&Valli collaborated with the Rome-based AANT – Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie to create its OPEN FUTURE installation of handles. Several rooms in Palazzo Litta host Valli&Valli’s iconic models, while in the penultimate room are the […]

Limonta Wall Couture at Palazzo Litta

Heritage – wallpaper stories Telling stories is what Vito Nesta does best. The Italian designer, art director, and craftsman’s project for Limonta is not only an exhibition of the collection, […]



Asif Khan’s holistic approach to architecture

From a clearing in the woods to the red planet - DAMN° Magazine

From a clearing in the woods to the red planet

Asif Khan designs a mesmerising Palazzo Litta courtyard pavilion

This year’s harvest from Palazzo Litta - DAMN° Magazine

This year’s harvest from Palazzo Litta

Inspiring talks with makers who visited DAMN's event A Matter of Perception: Linking Minds during the recent Salone del Mobile

Under a jeans canopy with Diller Scofidio + Renfro - DAMN° Magazine

Under a jeans canopy with Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Liz Diller about their installation at the courtyard of Palazzo Litta in Milan, 4-7 April.

Under a Jeans Canopy - DAMN° Magazine

Under a Jeans Canopy

Diller Scofidio + Renfro's Palazzo Litta pavilion

Photography as a dialogue - DAMN° Magazine

Photography as a dialogue

Laetitia Bica at the ‘Belgitude’ exhibition during Salone del Mobile 4-9 April.

´Welcome Home’ at ‘Belgitude’ in Palazzo Litta - DAMN° Magazine

´Welcome Home’ at ‘Belgitude’ in Palazzo Litta

Versatile design result of ‘Linking Minds’ Jean-François d’Or & Maison Vervloet

Trio at ‘Belgitude’ in Palazzo Litta - DAMN° Magazine

Trio at ‘Belgitude’ in Palazzo Litta

Smooth bronze result of ‘Linking Minds' atelier lachaert dhanis & Art Casting




A Matter of Perception: Tradition & Technology - DAMN° Magazine

A Matter of Perception: Tradition & Technology

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