Neolith®, a brand of sintered stone surfaces, announced new products following a Iive on-stand survey of prototypes at Marmomac 2017, Italy. The new range of Neolith products includes Retrostone, an […]

CC kitchen by Kvänum

CC kitchen by Kvänum, which was among the last to be presented by the Scandinavian producer, is inspired by the austere and unostentatious Shaker kitchens, with the slight feeling of […]

Collection Primitif - DAMN° Magazine

Collection Primitif

A new line of contemporary furniture and accessories produced by Van Den Weghe

Portuguese Stone - DAMN° Magazine

Portuguese Stone

Experiments into contemporary stone utensils by the Campanas, the Bouroullecs and others propose thrilling new forms.

Still Motion - DAMN° Magazine

Still Motion


Free-associating - DAMN° Magazine


Pieter Vermeersch’s painterly trace

Abraham Poincheval’s journey inside a stone - DAMN° Magazine

Abraham Poincheval’s journey inside a stone

Entombed for 8 days in a rock under Palais de Tokyo in Paris