Plusminus by Stefan Diez for Vibia

The simple strap that holds luggage in place on a car roof rack or a bicycle carrier has been the inspirational starting point for a new series of lamps by […]

Wireflow for Vibia

At La Parisienne Assurances offices in Paris, Studio Razavi Architects devised a playful, adaptive design to meet the versatile needs of the customer.


The pendant lamp Algorithm, designed by Toan Nguyen for Vibia, is an innovative sculptural combination of the craft of glass-blowing and cutting-edge technology. “The intention was not to design a […]

Antoni Arola - DAMN° Magazine

Antoni Arola

Created by Spanish lighting designer Antoni Arola, Flamingo is one of the new fittings presented by Vibia in 2016. A deconstructed assemblage, it provides users with a versatile light fixture […]