Woods by Fantoni and Metrica

This material gives a sense of natural and visual comfort that is the perfect complement

Wireflow for Vibia

Crafted of industrial black wire, the customisable fixture assumes myriad shapes in the space

Knoll and Antenna Design

Knoll’s Antenna Workspaces, designed by Sigi Moeslinger and Masamichi Udagawa, is a composition of floating planes and refined details. Masamichi studied at Cranbrook, the cradle of 20th century modernism, which […]

Claesson Koivisto Rune at Faciem, Tokyo

The resulting artworks display traces of buildings and working scenarios

Crinkle by Samuel Wilkinson

The lamp was designed as an antithesis to the usual sterile

Lighting Pad by the Nimbus Group

Launched in the autumn of 2017, Lighting Pad is the name of the new minimalistic, sound-absorbing acoustic element with integrated LED lighting from the Nimbus Group. The development of acoustic […]

LAMY + Jasper Morrison Designer

As little plastic as possible is used in the LAMY aion and it is manufactured from all-metal.

USM Haller system

"Perfect light to highlight different objects, creating atmosphere and orientation"

The workspace giant Steelcase

What Steelcase promoted at the time did not become common practice until now

Couple, Bundle and Keep by Nolii

Nolii’s mission is to deliver beautiful, highly functional products that solve everyday problems

ADD System by Lapalma

The ADD System is the manifestation of the Light Office concept

Unit One & Unit Two by Mark Braun

The two EPP-shaped units are a formal play, light but optically massive archaic.

Oat husks furniture for Offecct

OrganoClick and Offecct develop a biocomposite material for furniture manufacture, based on oat husks from agricultural side-streams.

The new office collection by OEO Studio for HBF

‘Workplace design is shifting focus to better quality and more durable pieces.'

Snowsound-Lux by Caimi Brevetti

The Snowsound-Lux project aims to develop sound-absorbing panels