MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

Lisbon is working on a visionary and exciting museum project, with new concepts and environments.

Maria Ribeiro November 2015
Still under construction, planned to open in the summer of 2016, The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) is aiming to bring a new way of urban culture in Lisbon.
Pedro Gadanho, who is leaving his post as a curator in MoMa’s Department of Architecture and Design which he is held since 2012, becomes MAAT's first Artistic Director. He is already working to create the museum’s cultural program, which expects to be “an exciting contemporary program at the intersection of art, architecture and technology”.

Designed by British architect Amanda Levete, the new museum will include renovated facilities from the existing Central Tejo power station in Lisbon, and offering environmental and energy issues as part of her project. It will be of course, on the waterfront, and fighting to be a culture institution of the quality seen in major European cities. It will have almost 3000 square meters for exhibitions and events, a restaurant, and it will be possible to walk over the undulating shell-shaped building of curved lines. A public space will be created by an exterior staircase that will descend into the water.
The future museum in Lisbon will be unique in the world, since no other crosses the disciplines of art, architecture and technologies - it will show the relationship between the three, through a contemporary, innovative and international programming.