As a specialist in extreme performances, 44-year-old French artist Abraham Poincheval has since February 22nd isolated himself from the world inside a rock at Palais de Tokyo, Paris. He’s planning to stay in the heart of the 12 ton heavy rock sarcophagus until 1st of March. This new performance is appropriately called ‘Stone’.

The 2.5 by 1.6 metre rock in which the shape of his figure is hollowed out ('Pierre ', 2017) will be Poincheval’s asylum for 8 days. Visitors to Palais de Tokyo can follow what befalls in real time via a monitor connected to an infrared camera inside the stone.

Abraham Poincheval has declared that his performance is "a sort of journey inside the stone, a kind of crystallization or fossilization".

For those worrying about the artist’s wellbeing: he is connected to the outside by a simple ventilation duct, he can make a few movements, and has access to small niches containing food and drinks. In case of emergency, the two parts of the stone can be opened.

Since the beginning of his artistic life, Abraham Poincheval has undertaken extreme expeditions, and positions himself as an explorer of the world, always challenging himself both physically and mentally .