Hey dirtbag! Nice to see you are still around.

Though perhaps this is the first time you truly see me…

We’ve actually met before. Many times, unforgettable times. No?

Well, I remember them, and the names you called me:

“The smelly one”, “Disgustbin”, “That greedy bitch”... just to name a few.

No? Well, names are best forgotten, aren’t they?

Anyway, I’ve been watching you. I've seen what you have done.

Even if lately you’ve been trying to hide me under a ton of face masks, I've been here since the beginning of modern times: in the streets, at work, in your home.

I’ve been watching you, designing tools and rules for your life, and

witnessing how you mistake how to live with what to live with.

I've seen your need to hold onto something to stand for.

But once it doesn't suit you anymore, then for the sake of God,

Of the market, the party, or just something new… you will throw it away right in front of me!

Oh lord, what I have gained from you but infamy?

I’ve seen you bouncing from utopia to dystopia with a single snap of the fingers!

And, for the sake of Design, I've watched you tear down everything you built up by your own childish will.

I’m the consequence of that will…

But now I’ve seen too much!

I’m filled to the brim with these design fairs and all your ideas that just become piles of trash.

Mountains of proposals! Carefully crafted critiques! Piles of “awareness”!

A moment of joyous hope for the innocent at heart, only to be dumped right next to me without hesitation.

Such a pity… What a waste of energy…

Well, I’m rambling, but I keep on asking myself:

Are all these projects and statements meant to survive?

Or is it all just a monumental exercise of show-and-tell?

A chance for “the woke” to perform social facts to atone for your limitations.

And finally another excuse to avoid the fact you just don’t want any real change...


Are those design fairs and their thousands of projects meant to be the practice of your preaching

or just the bottom of a gnarly pyramid scheme?

No? Well change my mind then. Prove me wrong for fuck’s sake!

A new design week will come and all of this will only be the ghost of a Christmas past!

Anyhow! I need to move on, I’ll see you around next time.

But from now on, to do me some justice, just call me Justin the Dustbin.

Make me proud.


Justin the Dustbin, Bruno Baietto