Believing in food as a driver for social change, Claus Meyer co-founded the Melting Pot Foundation USA in 2015. This was a natural consequence of the philan- thropic entities he had initiated in his native Denmark, where he taught prisoners how to cook, and in Bolivia, where he created a number of cafeterias and restau- rants to train young people for jobs in the food world. It was with the aim of improving the quality of life for vul- nerable and marginalised residents that Meyer started to look for new opportunities in NY. He then met with Lucas Denton, who had life-long experience in the poverty and failing health situation in Brownsville, a Brooklyn neighbourhood. The Brownsville Community Culinary Center was born, in an area that had not had a proper restaurant in perhaps 50 years.

Food For All Manifesto - DAMN° Magazine

Food For All Manifesto

Six lessons learned by food entrepreneur and philanthropist Claus Meyer through numerous community initiatives from Noma to Bolivia.