Brussels Gallery Weekend

Exhibitions, Multiple venues, Brussels, Belgium.

From September 7, 2017 until September 10, 2017

During Brussels Gallery Weekend, a key event in the city’s contemporary art scene, both uptown and downtown galleries join forces to kick off the season.

Until September September 10, Brussels Gallery Weekend features exhibitions in 41 leading galleries as well as 10 local institutions, non-profit, and artist-run spaces, not to mention several stunning private collections. The city has become a converging point that nourishes the exchange between artists, curators and gallerists.
This tenth edition of Brussels Gallery Weekend confirms the strength and diversity of the city's art industry. By welcoming 12 additional participants (CLEARING, Galerie de la Béraudière, Galerie Conradi, Galerie Felix Frachon, Galerie La Forest Divonne, LMNO, Mendes Wood DM, OV Project, Spazio Nobile, Vedovi Gallery, Waldburger Wouters and Xavier Lust), the focus is expanded to include modern, African and Indian art, alongside the continued limelight on contemporary art by galleries like Caroline Van Hoek, Maniera, Pierre Marie Giraud, Spazio Nobile, Victor Hunt and Xavier Lust.
Longstanding Brussels galleries Albert Baronian, Greta Meert, Jablonka Maruani Mercier, Jan Mot, Keitelman Gallery, Rodolphe Janssen, Xavier Hufkens, dépendance, Harlan Levey Projects, Hopstreet, Irène Laub, Meessen De Clercq, Office Baroque, Sorry We’re Closed, Stems Gallery and Valérie Bach have been participating for the years.
In addition, over the past 10 years, the scene has been enriched by galleries from across the world that have opened exhibiton spaces in Brussels. These are Almine Rech (FR), Barbara Gladstone (USA), Bernier / Eliades (GR), Conradi Gallery (DE), Daniel Templon (FR), Dvir Gallery (IL), Galerie de la Béraudière (CH), Marie-Laure Fleisch (IT), Mendes Wood DM (BR), Michel Rein (FR) and Nathalie Obadia (FR).