May 2020

A conceptual visualization of waste finding it’s way back onto your place. The project by chef and designer Diedriek Schneemann and photographer Aldwin van Krimpen responds to the Nature/Nurture theme of the 2019 Brompton Design District dedicated to respecting nature and minimising human impact on the environment.

Like a three-dimensional collage, Rubdish is a 3D printed mash-up collection of waste collected by Schneemann and van Krimpen while roaming the streets, port and metro station of Rotterdam. Schneemann is an eclectic German designer who creates furniture, product design, and most interestingly conceptual artwork, and van Krimpen is a talented independent photographer whose keen eye lent itself well to the project. The collaboration focuses on re-using items and giving them a second life. By altering their appearance and the functionality of these reclaimed items it evokes an unexpected reality. The duo, tired of the negative press surrounding pollution our society produces and is confronted with, wanted to serve a positive dish. „There are fresh ingredients to be found everywhere.” they revelled.

This series of innovative exhibition curated by Mint is called Raw and features over 60 established designers and new talents selected for their ability to cross boundaries in pursuit of „considerate design”.

‘We aim to transform waste into a positive evocative image. Every household, company or city has creative potential.’

Rudbish 1
Rudbish 2
Rudbish 3
Rudbish 4
Rudbish 5
Rudbish 6
Rudbish 7
Rudbish 8
Rudbish 9
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