Pierless New York … by Lyle Rexer
A Palimpsest called Paris … by Léopold Lambert
Forms that Speak … by Norman Kietzmann
Seamlessly Transitioning by Norman Kietzmann
MADE TO LAST … by Veerle Devos
Future Perfect by Silvia Anna Barrilà
Wild Imaginings by Anna Sansom
Wooden It Be Nice by Silvia Anna Barrilà
Seeing the Wood for the Trees by Emma Firmin
Designing for the real world by Veerle Devos
Surrounded by Systems by Kathrin Spohr
Every Picture tells a Story … by Jurriaan Benschop
Happy Industry by Silvia Anna Barrilà
All Too Real by Lyle Rexer
Visiting Memory Lane by Emma Firmin
Material Attire by Patrizia Coggiola
We Can’t Go Home Again by Patrizia Coggiola
Beauty, Surprise, Mystery … by Petra Blaisse

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