Melt by Nendo for WonderGlass

August 2019
Melt is the new cast-glass furniture designed by Nendo, and presented in collaboration with WonderGlass at the Shape of Gravity exhibition in Milan. A series of works, Melt consists of a gravity-formed chandelier, a cast-glass furniture collection and tabletop objects. The intention of Oki Sato, founder and chief designer of Nendo, was to allow the material to direct the design process. This resulted in a method of laying hot glass sheets over steel shapes, suspended between steel bars to allow the natural drape of the material to reveal its form. This concept created a challenge to the craftspeople who had to determine an exacting method of timing and temperature to create the desired result. As WonderGlass founders Maurizio and Christian Mussati state: ‘The new chandelier is a piece we are extremely proud of. The prodigious work suspended in the air like a cloud, generates an enchanting shimmering effect under both natural daylight and LED lighting.’