Midori Kitamura

President of Miyake Design Studio

October 2016
The Iittala X Issey Miyake collection is among the major novelties presented by the Scandinavian brand this year. Defined as A Home Collection for Everyday Rituals, it comprises a selection of high quality ceram- ics, glassware, and home textiles. This is the first brand collaboration between Iittala and Miyake Design Studio — ideal partners, as both brands share similar values and design philosophies. Iittala is a master of timeless design icons, whereas Issey Miyake is a global brand renowned for innovative clothing that goes beyond fashion and trends.
It helps us become aware of how our homes have many functions: relaxing, working, socialising, and shopping. Celebrating the rituals of domestic life, it sets a gentle mood with its colours and delicate shapes, within a philosophy of timeless design and creative thinking. It is about the value of functionality, craftsmanship, and the use of innovative materials and methodologies in design. “Issey Miyake’s continuous research and development has crystallised in this collaborative project with Iittala. The textile items are created using the latest technology for folding and pleating the material and also for the delicate handwork. The pentagon suggests a non-daily element. We hope this will bring a special moment”, comments Midori Kitamura. The collection consists of 30 items: the tactile play of textiles and the pentagon forms of the glass and ceramic objects serve as an invitation to touch and feel the material, while the colour scheme is inspired by the awakening of spring and the blossoming of flowers. The textile products are created based on Issey Miyake’s original folding and pleating techniques utilised in his clothes-making since the late 1980s. The transformation of the shape of the textile from flat to 3D suggests a flower in bloom, conveying a moment of surprise and joy.