Table Noir by Benjamin Folkmann Hansen

November 2017
Born as a tailor-made cutlery collection for top restaurants, Table Noir is a project developed by Benjamin Folkmann Hansen.
“We have been handpicking the world’s best restaurants, inviting them to enjoy our partnership and to have an exclusive, bespoke cutlery collection for their premises. One major example is the collaboration with stellar restaurant 108 in Copenhagen. There, customers are able to buy Table Noir cutlery in two exclusive variants, Noir and Brilliant.”
The Restaurants that have a Table Noir cutlery are one of the world's best restaurant, have been handpicked and specially invited. Table Noir tailor-make cutlery for the restaurant's concept, table setting and atmosphere. Each cutlery project by Table Noir is developed and delivered to only one restaurant in the world. Every Table Noir cutlery is "Tailor-made" and specially designed so the restaurant get their dream cutlery and are sure they are the only restaurant in the world having this unique cutlery and we give the private customers the opportunity to order the product, take it with them home and make a table-setting at home just like a star restaurant.
Table Noir cutlery is designed to be the dream cutlery for the particular restaurant. The 108 set was designed in collaboration with the restaurant’s chef, sommelier, and general manager. Soon we’ll be adding a small leather pocket to accessorise the cutlery and complete the table setting.”
The cutlery for 108 has recently been selected for Design Museum Denmark’s permanent exhibition.

DAMN°64 Food presents products that are creating waves in the kitchen. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Choreographic Core trend:

"The kitchen is a stage set, where the elements are intrinsically ergonomic, designed to make a primordial connection between user and form, material, tools. Importance is given to contact, movement, and presence, with the items becoming an extension of our hands and arms, bringing us closer to a daily personal ritual. Value is attributed to the moment just before tasting."