Photo by Michael Franke

Yixing and Epicurean by Christopher Jenner

Following the Yixing pottery homeware range launched in Milan, Christopher Jenner releases the E&Co Epicurean Collection of silverware during London Design Festival.

September 2017
Fascinated by the richness of artisanal traditions around the world, Christopher Jenner is always looking into case histories for displaying new forms of food choreography and interaction.
During Milan Design Week, his Tea House event presented Yixing, a new collection of contemporary ceramic homeware made using the famous purple Zisha clay from Yixing in Eastern China’s Jiangsu Province. Yixing pottery can be traced back to the North Song Dynasty (960-1127AD), when the properties of the material were celebrated as the finest in which to brew tea. Following a trip to China, Jenner discovered the clay and was captivated by its texture and richness of colour. As he comments:
“The collection reflects the desire of today’s consumer for narrative and heritage. Zisha clay has an excellent ability to retain heat and is porous when fired, so over time, flavours and volatilised oils are absorbed into the material and released to enrich subsequent brews.”
These simple yet elegant pieces constitute a complete tableware collection, including a tea service, plates, storage jars, jugs, vases, plates and bowls, all fired to achieve the same rich characteristic reddish colour. The collection represents a study of a material crafted by skilled artisans using ancient techniques practiced over centuries.
During London Design Week, Jenner launches his Epicurean Collection in collaboration with the heritage silverware brand E&Co, in celebration of English craftsmanship. The Britain-based designer has combined classic silversmithing techniques with modern technology, including the use of laser and CNC, marrying the perfection of the machine-made to a hand-crafted aesthetic. He says:
“Following a trip to Sheffield, I was inspired to create a series of functional pieces suitable for the needs of a modern consumer. The collection is unified by the desire to create items informed by geometry and minimalist design. The handle of the Cheese Knife is textured, creating an interplay between blade and handle. The cloche of the butter dish is of hand-blown crystal from Dartington in Devon, and the lid of the ice bucket is available in oak, walnut, or beech wood.”
Established in 1824, Sheffield-based silver manufacturer E&Co was a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of silverware. E&Co is resurrecting the brand, through its partnership with Jenner and his Epicurean collection, which successfully follows the silverware Jenner showcased at last year's London Design Festival.

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Christopher Jenner. Photo by Michael Franke
Photo by Michael Franke
Photo by Michael Franke