Sandra Hofmeister is a writer and facilitator whose focus is on architecture, art, and design. She studied architecture, art history, and Romance languages/literature in Berlin and Munich, where she earned a doctorate researching the Italian pre-avant-garde. Her numerous journalistic articles and books have been published in German and English newspapers and magazines. From 2012 to 2015, she was editor-in-chief of the German edition of Domus. Today Hofmeister regularly contributes to Neue Züricher Zeitung and DAMN°, and also works as a moderator and consultant.

Past Into Present - DAMN° Magazine

Past Into Present

Friederike von Rauch unfurls the silence

At Home in Germany? - DAMN° Magazine

At Home in Germany?

The bittersweet immigration issue

The Chairman’s Chairs - DAMN° Magazine

The Chairman’s Chairs

Rolf Fehlbaum's furniture wonderland

Paper To The Rescue - DAMN° Magazine

Paper To The Rescue

Shigeru Ban’s personal toolbox

The End of the Tunnel - DAMN° Magazine

The End of the Tunnel

Drilling through the Alps

Shared Visions - DAMN° Magazine

Shared Visions

Mini Living: Sharing + Creating

Milano Alight - DAMN° Magazine

Milano Alight

On the Scene at the Salone

Individually Otherwise - DAMN° Magazine

Individually Otherwise

Studio Brynjar & Veronika

Evolution through Collaboration - DAMN° Magazine

Evolution through Collaboration

Giulio Iacchetti on researching and conquering

GLASSY - DAMN° Magazine


The Story of Moretti

Chairs: A Master Class - DAMN° Magazine

Chairs: A Master Class

Alberto Meda shares his expertise

Traditions and Visions - DAMN° Magazine

Traditions and Visions

Happy Birthday, Walter Knoll

Learning from Caracas - DAMN° Magazine

Learning from Caracas

Urban-Think Tank on reactivating European cities

Inside or Out - DAMN° Magazine

Inside or Out

Snøhetta revises the Series 7 chair

The Anywhere Workspace - DAMN° Magazine

The Anywhere Workspace

According to Arper