Earth to Sky by Doshi Levien

September 2019
‘I was thinking about what attracts me to fine craftsmanship. How beautifully made details, revealing the work of a skilled hand, become a powerful expression of human endeavour,’ says Jonathan Levien, when describing the process behind the new Earth to Sky lamps. It is actually the first time that the design duo Doshi Levien presents a special collection, entirely self-produced, of unique pieces. The design’s beauty is all in the levity, honesty, and soulfulness of the essential components. The collection is composed of seven objects and plays on the ethereal quality of the sculptural elements, like precious creatures suspended in air. Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien formed the pieces through the art of metal-shaping, employing relatively simple rolling machines used for restoring sophisticated car bodies of the E-Type and XK1 Jaguars.