Event curator, costume researcher, journalist, and editorial manager, Patrizia Coggiola is from Milan but is based in Stockholm, where she curates design events and teaches costume and textile history. Her subjects of focus are design, food, costumes, art, and sustainable projects. Coggiola is DAMN°’s productivity editor.

The design we need - DAMN° Magazine

The design we need

A sharp selection of curatorial and inspirational contributions from Milano Design Week 2018

Stockholm´s groove - DAMN° Magazine

Stockholm´s groove

Stockholm Design Week, 5 – 11 February 2018

Sounding off in Copenhagen - DAMN° Magazine

Sounding off in Copenhagen

The “hypocritical, ironic, and do not give a fuck” work of Nástio Mosquito headlines Copenhagen Art Week.

A serendipitous design week - DAMN° Magazine

A serendipitous design week

our best memories of Milan Design Week 2017

Cover it All - DAMN° Magazine

Cover it All

special file in DAMNº60 with the latest trends in floor and wall coverings

Himalayan Office - DAMN° Magazine

Himalayan Office

Breathing-in oxygen at the Pankhasari Retreat

ORGATEC 2016: Creativity Works - DAMN° Magazine

ORGATEC 2016: Creativity Works

read our complete Office File in DAMNº59!

VENTRE - DAMN° Magazine


A place for celebrating the warmth of the Earth

From Ownership to Usership - DAMN° Magazine

From Ownership to Usership

Cracking the future of mobility

SCI-FI-Based Wellness - DAMN° Magazine

SCI-FI-Based Wellness

Be hugged to feel fine, says Lucy McRae

Oceanwide Cleanup - DAMN° Magazine

Oceanwide Cleanup

An offshore gigantic plastic chase

All Change - DAMN° Magazine

All Change

Barber & Osgerby: Word