Event curator, costume researcher, journalist, and editorial manager, Patrizia Coggiola is from Milan but is based in Stockholm, where she curates design events and teaches costume and textile history. Her subjects of focus are design, food, costumes, art, and sustainable projects. Coggiola is DAMN°’s productivity editor.

War-torn Knots - DAMN° Magazine

War-torn Knots

This is what happens when you juxtapose modern tragedy with traditional crafts. Tred carefully.

Losing the Compass - DAMN° Magazine

Losing the Compass

Textiles and weaving, with a twist

Homemade Schizophrenia - DAMN° Magazine

Homemade Schizophrenia

about a quite extraordinary set of cutlery

The Inner Office - DAMN° Magazine

The Inner Office

about the workspace of the future

Playing brilliant - DAMN° Magazine

Playing brilliant

Lighting the 21st century

Monumental Light - DAMN° Magazine

Monumental Light

Brightening the moments